SmartEarly integrates exercise into the curriculum and daily activities for all children. There are separate age appropriate outdoor playgrounds for each program. Play equipment includes climbing structures for gross-motor development, sandboxes for group activities and water tables for manipulative play. The safe, shock-absorbing, state of the art surfacing is perfect for learning to run, skip and jump on, and tricycle riding.

The indoor gym is a unique feature of SmartEarly Learning Centers. It is a carpeted room where children stretch, dance, and move! Gym equipment includes colorful silk parachutes, bean bags, cones, various size balls, hula hoops, etc.  As you watch the children romping in the gym, you will hear singing, laughing and group game playing.

For children from the ages of 30 months and up a weekly exercise program from the nationally recognized franchise Amazing Athletes is offered FREE OF CHARGE. 

Just one more advantage for your child attending SmartEarly.