john_caricatureSmartEarly was founded in 2013 and has quickly become the premier child care and early education center in upstate NY. SmartEarly is keenly focused on creating the best child care and early education experience possible for both the parent and child.

Our owner, John Miller started SmartEarly due to his own difficult experience as a child in school.  As a child, John was extremely ‘active’ and had a very difficult time listening to and following directions.  Teachers had a tough time teaching John as he didn’t “learn” the way the teachers “taught”.    Early education should be fun and targeted to a child’s specific individual learning style and abilities.  SmartEarly is dedicated to make sure you and your child “feel” this individualized learning experience.  SmartEarly educators create an individualized learning plan for each child, every week. These individualized learning plans are more fun, more motivating and allow each child to progress further, faster.

Child care must be safe, clean, reliable and instill a feeling of love and care in both the parent and child.

Once you walk through our door, you will not only SEE the difference, you will FEEL it.

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